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   May 09

What It’s Really Like to be a Mom

Before I had kids I remember hearing the phrase, “You’ll never really understand what it’s like to be a mom until you are one.” I have to admit to thinking that geez, I have a pretty good imagination and I know my own mother and other moms pretty well – I think I get the […]

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   Mar 12

Spring Clean to Help Others Succeed

This weekend’s warm weather breathed a little spring freshness into our home in Moorhead and I can feel the buzz of new energy that the anticipation of this season always gives me! After the long months of winter I just can’t resist the urge to clean out the closets, clear off the counters, and rearrange […]

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   Mar 09

Tomorrow’s Child

Without a name, an unseen face and knowing not your time nor place Tomorrow’s Child, though yet unborn, I met you first last Tuesday morn. A wise friend introduced us two, and through his sobering point of view I saw a day that you would see, a day for you, but not for me. Knowing […]

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   Mar 02

Living With Cloth Diapers

If you had asked me three years ago if I used cloth diapers for my son I would have looked at you like you had alien antennae growing out of your forehead. Honestly, my husband I did try cloth diapers with Miles when he was a newborn but we very quickly gave up. Our second […]

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   Feb 29

Lighten the Load

Since having our first child three years ago and especially since our second came along last fall, I have been absolutely amazed by how much laundry is involved in being a parent. In fact, I find it unbelievable! Before having kids, my husband and I could do laundry once a week and be just fine. […]

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   Feb 22

Can Saving Trash Help Raise Money for Your Nonprofit?

“If you just leave your bag of garbage by your front door I’ll stop by and grab it on my way to work.” This probably isn’t something most people Facebook message their friends about at 10:00 at night. But, not only is this really a message sent to me from a friend a few nights […]

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   Feb 13

Greener Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that I have never been too excited about (except maybe when I was little). It just seems like another day of excessive waste – a “Hallmark Holiday” that just fills our landfills with cheap junk. But since I DID enjoy the holiday when I was little, I will play along […]

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   Feb 11

Toilet Paper: Less Really Is More

I think my almost-three-year-old son is almost potty-trained (in my mind I imagine raucous cheering)!  And while I rejoice over our increasing success, I’ve begun to notice something else has also been increasing: the number of rolls of toilet paper we go through. Like any other toddler, my son, Miles, thinks more of everything is […]

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   Feb 04

Shop to Reduce Food Waste

A friend recently posted the following words of wisdom on her Facebook page: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Definitely words to live by and applicable in just about every corner of life! Today, it resonates with me as I stand in my kitchen, thinking about food waste. I […]

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   Feb 02

Green Your Baby Shower

Do you have a friend or family member with a new little sweet pea on the way? If it’s your turn to play baby shower hostess, here are a few ideas to help you throw an earth-friendly celebration for both the baby and mom-to-be. Invitations The first item on the to-do list for any shower […]

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