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   Mar 09

Tomorrow’s Child

Without a name, an unseen face
and knowing not your time nor place
Tomorrow’s Child, though yet unborn,
I met you first last Tuesday morn.
A wise friend introduced us two,
and through his sobering point of view
I saw a day that you would see,
a day for you, but not for me.
Knowing you has changed my thinking,
for I never had an inkling
That perhaps the things I do
might someday, somehow, threaten you.
Tomorrow’s Child, my daughter-son
I’m afraid I’ve just begun
To think of you and of your good,
Though always having known I should.
Begin I will to weigh the cost
of what I squander, what is lost
If ever I forget that you
will someday come to live here too.

(Glenn Thomas)


This poem speaks directly to my very soul. I’m often asked what sparked my interest in green living and part of my answer is that I was involved in a Web of Creation workshop at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead which led me to start a Creation Care team at my own church, Our Savior’s Lutheran, also in Moorhead. Although this workshop was my introduction into the world of green (or Creation Care, as we say at church), what really fed my passion was becoming a mom a few months later.

My first son, Miles Oscar, came along and really did change my thinking – suddenly, I was aware of the responsibility I had to his future. My desire to leave behind a better world came sharply into focus.

I don’t think I can explain it better than Mr. Thomas, so I’m happy just to read his words again and say: “yeah – what he said!”

To simple, green living,
Carrie Brusven

“You must be the change you hope to see in the world.” -Gandhi

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  1. Suzanne Miller says:

    I just completed an hour multimedia presentation with slides, music, and information about
    climate change, resource depletion, and sustainability callled “Earth Mama Speaks Her Heart” at our church the UU congregation of Green Valley, AZ. Four of our members including me, ranging from 65 to 82 come forth as Mother Earth with a plea asking that humanity treat me in sustainable ways that will make it possible for meto leave them a planet for alll life to continue. I watched a documentary on Tuesday about Ray Anderson where your poem was quoted. It is so powerful and moving. I couldn’t help but sob. May I have permission to use your poem as part of future “Earth Mama Presentations” We hope to be invited to organizations andother churches here in Green Valley and also Tucsan. I wrote the scipt and the music, and created the slides. Our performance received a standing ovation. I had men coming up with tears in their eyes. I have a place in the presentation showing how old different people will be in 2040 when on our present path of no action we cold surpass the 2 degree Celsius target.
    Your poem would fit perfectly there after that slide. Or even at the end of the presentation. It is so powerful.
    Suzanne Miller

    • Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much for sharing your story! Your presentation sounds very moving!

      I wish I could claim ownership of this poem, but I cannot. The poem was written by Glenn Thomas. I was introduced to it when it was shared with our group of Eco Consultants by one of the founders of Green Irene, the company through which I do Green Home and Business Makeovers. It was a favorite poem of someone within the company who recently passed away.

      I would think that, as long as you give credit to Glenn Thomas, it would be acceptable to use his poem in your presentation.

      Good luck to you Suzanne, and I hope you come back to Color Me Green again!


  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    Hi ladies- would you send me an e-mail at ?

    Glenn Thomas