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   Feb 29

Lighten the Load

Since having our first child three years ago and especially since our second came along last fall, I have been absolutely amazed by how much laundry is involved in being a parent. In fact, I find it unbelievable! Before having kids, my husband and I could do laundry once a week and be just fine. Now, I can do a load every day and still fall behind – especially since we’re doing cloth diapers for our four-month-old.

I’ve come to suspect that there is some kind of evil laundry spirit living inside our laundry chute who, as soon as the basket is emptied, is able to conjure up enough dirty socks, sticky bibs, and smelly burp rags from the deep, dark places of the house to fill the basket right up to the top again before I can even finish folding what I just washed! I can just about hear him snickering as I stare in astonishment at this fresh, and mysterious, deposit of wash.

I usually end up hacking away at the laundry mountain in the evenings, after work and dinner and the kids are finally in bed. Since laundry is maybe my least favorite household chore, it’s the last thing I want to be doing with my evenings! But, my consolation is that doing my laundry in the evenings is actually easier on the planet than if I were to do it during the day, for the simple reason that there is less demand for energy during the evening hours. Energy companies determine whether or not to build more power plants based on peak energy usage.

Spreading the demand for energy to off-peak times takes a little of the pressure off a potentially overburdened power grid and is another easy way I can make my own lifestyle just a little greener. Luckily, it also just plain works better for my hectic schedule!

Also lucky for me, my husband is on laundry duty tonight!

To simple, green living,
Carrie Brusven

“You must be the change you hope to see in the world.” -Gandhi

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  1. I smiled as I read this. In 24 years of raising kids, I think I can remember seeing the bottom of the laundry basket three times or so, and then only very briefly!